MARIN has been developing viscous-flow CFD since the beginning of 1990’s. PARNASSOS started then as a steady viscous-flow RANS code targeted and optimized  for ship flows. In 2005, MARIN joined efforts with the sister institute HSVA and TUHH (the Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg) and started the development of a new CFD code. Both HSVA and TUHH had also tradition on CFD: HSVA used already CFD codes for a long time and TUHH had large expertises on CFD, already since the time that Milovan Peric had been teaching there. In 2009, the cooperation stopped and all partners went their own way. ReFRESCO born then.

As the name says, the major philosophy behind ReFRESCO is “reliability” and “fast” and “Ships & Offshore Constructions”. And this means careful robust developments, at a moderate pace, and combining proven technology algorithms with new trends in numerical schemes, software and hardware advances. Special attention is paid to accuracy within all ReFRESCO developments: code verification, solution verification and solution validation, is done by the developers and advanced users, before any new application. This also implies very tight code quality control. And all this, exclusively for problems of the maritime world.

In 2009 there were only 2 developers. But since then, ReFRESCO grew into a mature state-of-the-art viscous-flow CFD code, with more than 10 developers and more than 50 users world-wide. Also, since 2009 ReFRESCO has been used by more than 60 trainees, Msc and students, coming also from all corners of the world. More than 80 papers have been published on or using results from ReFRESCO. From the simple flat-plate, foils, cylinder calculations, to side-by-side free-moving offshore platforms using DP systems or a fully appended and propelled ship under an unsteady manouver it was just a small step of 6 years (and lots of headaches and the crucial support of MARIN management).

And now in 2015, following the trends of the modern world where sharing knowledge and tools is an asset, both for the tools and for the scientific community, we are finally opening our ReFRESCO to be used by the “Community”, the “ReFRESCO Community”. Are you interested in developing robust and accurate CFD? Are you interested in using CFD to make ships, offshore constructions, renewable energy systems (and the world) better, at an affordable price? Then join us in this endeavour (…


Wageningen, 02-04-2015,

Guilherme N.V.B. Vaz