When designing offshore platforms or ship offloading units, one of the aspects to have into account is the loads due to the currents. The calculation of the loads on any object for any heading angle was one of the first research and commercial applications of ReFRESCO. Due to the experience gained with the several applications, calculation of current loads both at model and full-scale conditions can be done in an efficient, accurate and cost-effective way: the calculations are done with less approximations and cheaper than the traditional wind-tunnel ad-hoc setups used for the determination of current loads.

The figures below illustrate the flow around two different structures (an LNG carrier and an idealized semi-submersible column+pontoon arrangement) and a comparison with experimental data for in-line and cross-flow forces (Cx and Cy). In the bottom picture the difference between the Cx (drag) load at model and full-scale for 0deg heading is illustrated, showing that scale effects may not be negligible.