Wave generation and absorption (non-reflecting) are important issues in a CFD code tailored for Maritime applications. And also its effect on the structure loads, rapid structure impacts and structure motions is of paramount importance in the Seakeeping, Offshore and Renewable Energy world. Due to its developments in numerical schemes for free-surface, wave generation, wave absorption, wave damping, coupling with wave potential-flow programs, equation-of-motion 3/6DOF solver, ReFRESCO is full of weapons to tackle several of these problems. Verification and Validation exercises have been done (and continuing…) for several relevant problems. See below some examples of it.

Random Wave (ReFRESCO+OceanWave3D)


3D Dam-break


Wave Impact on Wind-Turbine Tower


Regular Wave Impact on Captive Semi-submersible


Regular Wave Impact on Free-floatingĀ Semi-submersible (different wave periods)