ReFRESCO is an community-based open-usage and open-source code. This means that only members of these community can use and develop the code. While all members can modify the code for their purposes, all developments go into the production code and are shared within all partners.There is only one code! and quality control is enforced by MARIN developers and strict automatic V&V procedures. This community is based on: 1) MARIN users, Marin-Academy users, Universities, Research Institutes, that use the code for research purposes and contribute for its development; 2) Institutions and Companies that use the code for their commercial activities.  Therefore, there are two ways to be part of this community:

  • ReFRESCO-ReSearch: focuses on sharing the code for collaborative research (without any fees).
  • ReFRESCO-Operation: extends the ReFRESCO-ReSearch partnership by allowing commercial application of ReFRESCO, and by supporting the user with MARIN’s best practices (a membership fee is needed).

If you are interested in participating in this community please contact the ReFRESCO team.

See also in the pages below, who are the current participants, developers and HPC clusters where ReFRESCO is currently installed and possible to be used.