The ReFRESCO-operation partnership is similar to the ReFRESCO-ReSearch partnership, with additional rights and knowledge sharing. All benefits described below are tied to the partnership and are stopped when you terminate your membership. The partnership may be preceded by a trial period of ReFRESCO, or by a ReFRESCO-ReSearch partnership. Apart from the rights in the ReFRESCO-ReSearch partnership, ReFRESCO-Operation offers the following benefits:

Software Licensing

Within the ReFRESCO-Operation partnership you will have the right to use ReFRESCO for any purpose, on any number of computers in your company simultaneously, and on any number of cores or processors. Again, this licence is non-exclusive and non-transferable, which means that MARIN can give the same right to any other participant, and that you cannot transfer the licence to another legal entity. The licence is valid for the release version of ReFRESCO at the time of joining the partnership, and any updates received while being a member.

Shared Development

ReFRESCO offers the possibility for user coding. Specific models that are required for a simulation, coupling to other simulations tools, etc, can all be established through this user coding. MARIN will share its user coding with members of the ReFRESCO-Operation partnership. MARIN will furthermore share its best-practice guidelines for validated applications.


The user group is set up as follows:

  • Once a year, users will meet in workshops at a central location. This meeting can be held at MARIN, but also at the location of one of the partners.
  • In the workshops, MARIN will present its latest insights, verification, and validation for the topics at hand. MARIN will show maximal openness about its knowledge, and about the content of ReFRESCO. Upon request, user can get access to the relevant parts of the source code of ReFRESCO to get more insights.
  • Partners can present their experiences with the code at the workshops as well.
  • MARIN will discuss with partners the developments of ReFRESCO, and partners will have a say in the allocation of budget from the ReFRESCO-Operation partnership.

Some of MARIN’s knowledge on the use of ReFRESCO is and will be derived in JIPs. This knowledge cannot be released to the wider partnership immediately, as JIP contracts have confidentiality clauses. During this confidentiality period, only ReFRESCO users that were also partners in the JIP can use this knowledge. After the expiration of the confidentiality period, the knowledge is disseminated to the whole ReFRESCO community.

MARIN HPC Cluster Usage

MARIN offers the usage of its compute clusters (see to participants in the ReFRESCO-Operation partnership. All members will have a user account on this cluster. The actual use of the cluster comes at an additional charge per CPU hour. This fee includes the installation of ReFRESCO and other necessary tools to run the code in this large compute cluster. At the start of the partnership, MARIN will make available its MARCLUS3, a compute cluster of 206 nodes, each with 8 cores, totalling 1648 cores. Usually, jobs run efficient on this cluster when 16 to 256 cores are used. Actual costs of a computation vary widely of course, but typically a steady flow calculation runs for several hours on 128 cores.

When using the cluster, grid generation and visualisation of results is performed by the user at his local machine. This requires data transfer of large files, typically in the range of gigabytes. Fast and reliable internet access is therefore crucial. Also, setting up the connection between the user’s PC and the cluster requires a VPN or secure shell connection. This has to be facilitated by the firewall of your company. Please consult your IT department on these issues.

Contact information

For more information on the ReFRESCO-Operation partnership please contact the ReFRESCO team.