The ReFRESCO-ReSearch partnership is a partnership for development of the ReFRESCO code, and for the development of validated maritime applications of CFD. The partnership may be preceded by a trial period of ReFRESCO.

Software Licensing

Within the ReFRESCO-ReSearch partnership you will have the right to use ReFRESCO for research purposes only, on any number of computers in your company simultaneously, and on any number of cores or processors. This licence is free of charge.  This licence is non-exclusive and non-transferable, which means that MARIN can give the same right to any other participant, and that you cannot transfer the licence to another legal entity. The licence is valid for the release version of ReFRESCO at the time of joining the partnership, and any updates received while being a member. New versions of ReFRESCO are released on a yearly basis. While being a member of the partnership, you will obtain these updates free of charge. If major bugs are detected, intermediate versions might be released to the partnership.

Shared Development

ReFRESCO offers the possibility for user coding. Specific models that are required for a simulation, coupling to other simulations tools, etc, can all be established through this user coding. For some advanced problems, changes to the kernel of ReFRESCO may be necessary. For these problems, MARIN offers the complete source code to the partner. Source code newly developed by a partner will become available to all users in future releases of the code. It is important to stress that for this type of co-development, an intensive exchange between MARIN developers and partner developers is necessary. Some of these advanced developments may be performed by PhD students. If a partner in the ReFRESCO-Operation has a co-operation with a university and has access to a PhD student, the university can join the ReFRESCO-ReSearch partnership for shared development. Requirement is, that all code will be shared with the complete ReFRESCO community.


New users of ReFRESCO will be given a general training on the use of the code, followed by dedicated training on the use for specific applications. The initial training, may be given in a larger group of new users, depending on the interest in the partnership. MARIN invites you to follow dedicated training on each new application for which you want to use CFD and MARIN experience. Such a training is given in the context of a normal commercial order for a CFD analysis at MARIN. MARIN staff will perform the computations to the best of their abilities, and train your staff member while performing the project. The extra costs for training your staff is added as a surcharge to the project costs. Training can range from 1 to 5 days, depending on the application and the user’s experience with ReFRESCO.  The benefit of this training scheme, is that after the training you not only have a trained staff member, but also a reliable CFD result on one of your ships, structures, propellers, devices, etc. This result is then the basis your staff can expand on. If no project is available to use as a basis for the training, a dedicated training has to be set up at an additional cost.

Contact information

For more information on the ReFRESCO-ReSearch partnership please contact the ReFRESCO team.