ReFRESCO has been installed, tested and maintained at the following HPC facilities/clusters:

  • Terra@TAMU USA (8512 cores, Intel Broadwell 2.1Ghz, 110TB RAM, 3PB disk, 2017)
  • Graham@ComputeCanada Canada (13504 cores, Intel Broadwell 2.1Ghz, 110TB RAM, 4PB disk, 2017)
  • MagnitUDE@UDE Germany (14,976 cores, Intel Broadwell 2.1Ghz, 56TB RAM, 480TB disk, 2017)
  • Cartesius@SARA NL (47776 cores, Intel Broadwell/Haswell/IvyBridge 2.xGhz, 130TB RAM, 7.7PB disk, 2016/2014/2013).
  • Marconi@CINECA Italy (54432 cores, Intel Broadwell 2.3Ghz, 192TB RAM, 17PB disk, 2016)
  • Ada@TAMU USA (17340 cores, Intel IvyBridge 2.5Ghz, 72TB RAM, 4PB disk, 2016)
  • Hebbe@Chalmers University SE (4720 cores, Intel Haswell 2.3Ghz, 20.4TB RAM, xx TB disk, 2015)
  • Navigator@University of Coimbra PT (3936 cores, Intel IvyBridge 2.5Ghz, 16TB RAM, 180 TB disk, 2015).
  • Marclus4@MARIN NL (4160 cores, Intel Haswell 2.6Ghz, 16TB RAM, 500 TB disk, 2014).
  • Iridis4@University of Southampton UK (12320 cores, Intel SandyBridge 2.6Ghz, 50TB RAM, 1.04PB disk, 2013).
  • TPN@University of Sao Paulo BR (1536 cores, Intel Nehalem 2.8Ghz, 4.5 TB RAM, 150 TB disk, 2009).
  • Marclus3@MARIN NL (1828 cores, Intel Nehalem 2.4Ghz, 4TB RAM, 100 TB disk, 2009).
  • Reynolds@TUDelft NL (588 cores, Intel Broadwell 2.4GHz, 1.3TB RAM, 2015).
  • Installed but not maintained at RUG NL, UTwente NL.

ReFRESCO may be available for usage on some of those facilities upon membership in the “ReFRESCO Community”. Computational costs depend on the type of calculations (research or commercial) and on the HPC facility. For more info contact the ReFRESCO team.