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  • Pierre Crepier
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    I am now using forced oscillations simulations to calculate the damping of a system and I came across something interesting.

    My forced oscillation is in the direction of the gravity vector (vertical) so that means that the water level in the boundary coordinate system should be updated to stay at the defined water-level (it’s calm water by the way).

    I was working with a BCInflow but that was generating a wave … so not really the goal intended …

    The solution is to use a BCWave with waveGeneration turned on “true” instead of a BCInflow.
    Using a BCWave and keeping the wave generation at false was giving the same wrong result as with BCInflow.

    I am working with 2.3.0, i tried with 2.4.0-t4 and the result is the same!

    Just in case someone is busy with the same sort of simulations (free-surface elevation moving relatively to the inflow).


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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