From this year on, ReFRESCO deployment policy will be changed. Due to the fast development, but also critical demands from our users :-), we will now consider the following rules:

  • deploy beta versions (ex: refresco/2.3.0-b1) where new features are incorporated. These will be tagged in svn and deployed to all users (internal and external!);
  • two months prior to the major release, no new features are incorporated in the main trunk version of the code, and release-candidates (ex: refresco/2.3.0-rc1) will be deployed, in order to solve possible bugs still escaping the tight testing procedure.
  • each year, around October/November a release version is deployed (well, if the rcx pass the tests of our developers and picky users!).
  • the code version numbering maintains the same: 3 digits, the last one being for bug fixes, the middle one incremental, and after the middle digit reaches 9, the first digit is incremented (ex: refresco/2.3.0 ->┬árefresco/2.3.1 -> …┬árefresco/2.9.0 => refresco/3.0.0 ).