In the end of 2015, beginning of 2016, new members joined the ReFRESCO-Community, both as users and developers. These are:

  • The University of Maine, UMaine, (Maine, USA). Work on ReFRESCO development and application for Renewable Energy devices.
  • Texas A&M, A&M (Texas, USA).  Work on ReFRESCO development and application on Scale-Resolved Simulations (SRS) methods.
  • Argonautica Engineering & Research (Brasil). Engineering consulting company in Sao Paulo, Brasil, working on the Offshore and Harbour areas.
  • Wavec (Portugal). Wave Energy Centrum of Portugal working all kinds of Renewable Energy issues.

Additionally a new cooperation between ReFRESCO and University of New Brunswick in Canada on CFD code development started. Here, ideas on new trends on HPC are being exchanged and both ReFRESCO and EXN/Aero CFD codes improved.

And get ready… new members will come in 2016!!!