NuTTS 2019… again 8 papers and now in Portugal!

NuTTS 2019 held in Tomar, Portugal last 29th September-1st October was a success. Nice organization by Luis Eça, António Maximiano and WavEC ( Beautiful location in the old templar city of Tomar. And lots of good papers and presentations. ReFRESCO was well represented with 8 papers! Please consult these papers at Next year, here […]

refresco/2.5.0 released

After one year of hard work refresco/2.5.0 has been released today (24-1-2019)! Lots of bugs have been fixed, better and more detailed documentation done (thanks to lots of you!) and several new features implemented. For a detailed list see and This version has been deployed in all MarclusX clusters. For external deployment please ask your ReFRESCO contact […]

NUTTS’18: ReFRESCO with 8 papers!

This past weekend, the 21st Numerical Towing Tank Symposium (NuTTS’18) took place in Cortona, Italy. Participants and PhD researchers from several different institutions came to share their results and ongoing research in and around the maritime industry. This year, the Symposium attracted 36 publications, 8 of which have featured ReFRESCO, in partnership with MARIN. Collaborations […]

Several 2018 Journal papers

This year has been prolific in Journal papers using ReFRESCO, on several CFD-development and application topics. For an overview of all ReFRESCO publications and in particular 2018 ones check it here: .

ReFRESCO 2.4.0 available!

A new year often also means a new version of ReFRESCO! We worked hard last December (also the other previous 11 month) to release the version 2.4.0, bringing several improvements, new features and setting an important milestone for the future versions. The full list of the changes and issues solved are available here (MODS) and there […]

Workshop on iterative Errors for Unsteady Flow Simulations… Again!

In the sequel of a long list of workshops organized by IST, MARIN (see for a full list, and links), next year May 2018, in Minneapolis, USA (for the first time not in Las Vegas) a continuation Workshop on Iterative Errors in Unsteady Simulations will be organized under the ASME V&V 20 Committee activities. MARIN and IST […]

ReFRESCO@NUTTS with 7 papers!

ReFRESCO-Research vs ReFRESCO-Operation

ReFRESCO is an community-based open-usage and open-source code. This means that only members of these community can use and develop the code. While all members can modify the code for their purposes, all developments go into the production code and are shared within all partners. There is only one code! and quality control is enforced […]

Numerical Uncertainty Tools Available

In order to improve the reliability and acceptability of any CFD calculation,  a CFD result should be always accompanied of an uncertainty bar.  Within ReFRESCO community since the beginning we have used code verification, solution verification, solution validation techniques (or usually called V&V techniques). And we have put lots of effort on pushing the usage of these techniques […]

Workshop on Estimation of Discretization Errors Based on Grid Refinement Studies

Not one but rather two workshops on V&V will be organized by IST/MARIN next year May 2017, in LasVegas, Nevada, USA,under the ASME V&V 20 Committee activities. MARIN and IST will be organizing it and also participating with results obtained with ReFRESCO. While the first workshop deals with the influence of iterative error (and statistical error) on […]

Workshop on Iterative Errors in Unsteady Simulations

In the sequel of a long list of workshops organized by IST, MARIN (see for a full list, and links), next year May 2017, in LasVegas, Nevada, USA, a new Workshop on Iterative Errors in Unsteady Simulations will be organized under the ASME V&V 20 Committee activities. MARIN and IST will be organizing it and […]


Last end of May, ReFRESCO has been installed in the clusters of Texas A&M University, College Station, USA. Also, an introductory course has been given to some interested Msc, Phd, Post-docs and staff members of TAMU. And a general presentation on the past, present and future of ReFRESCO has also been done. We expect a very […]

CFD Courses for Maritime Applications@MARIN NL

MARIN will host a new CFD course for Maritime Applications at its Wageningen headquarters,  November 14 – 17. This course has been designed to reflect the latest developments in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) used in ship design, offshore engineering and renewable energy applications. The new course will examine how to obtain reliable and accurate CFD […]

New members @ ReFRESCO-Community

In the end of 2015, beginning of 2016, new members joined the ReFRESCO-Community, both as users and developers. These are: The University of Maine, UMaine, (Maine, USA). Work on ReFRESCO development and application for Renewable Energy devices. Texas A&M, A&M (Texas, USA).  Work on ReFRESCO development and application on Scale-Resolved Simulations (SRS) methods. Argonautica Engineering […]

New (more flexible) deployment policy

From this year on, ReFRESCO deployment policy will be changed. Due to the fast development, but also critical demands from our users :-), we will now consider the following rules: deploy beta versions (ex: refresco/2.3.0-b1) where new features are incorporated. These will be tagged in svn and deployed to all users (internal and external!); two […]

CFD Simulations on Anti-Roll Tanks (ARTs). Article at magazine

A new article on ReFRESCO CFD simulations for the analysis of anti-roll tanks (ART) has been published online at (work done back in 2014). The ReFRESCO results of the U-shaped ART have been compared with available CFD and experimental results from literature, as well as with MARIN’s own experiments, using the MARIN Anti-Roll Tank Facility. […]

Survival of the Fittest (CFD codes)…

Super-computers are about to change the virtual world in which computational fluid dynamics exists. James Hawkes (Phd of University of Southampton and Marin Academy) goes exploring and describes the changes that will revolutionise vessel design in his article at the Naval Architect, issue of July/August 2015. Here an excerpt related with his ReFRESCO work: “… Work is […]

Verification and Validation (V&V) @ MARIN-Academy/IST using ReFRESCO

Like in previous years, MARIN-Academy and IST was present in the most important worldwide symposium on Verification & Validation. Prof. Luis Eca representing both institutions gave two presentations on “Verification of Solutions in Unsteady Flows” and “An Example of Application of a Multivariate Metric based on Multiple Validation Set Points” using ReFRESCO (check here for both papers). […]

A new PhD thesis using ReFRESCO

Last June, Guilherme Rosetti from University of Sao Paulo, Brasil has defended his Phd thesis entitled: “Improvements in the Numerical Modeling of Turbulence and Fluid-Structure Interaction for the Vortex-Induced Vibrations of a Rigid Cylinder”. Supervised by Guilherme Vaz from MARIN and Andre Fujarra from USP, Guilherme has been working on turbulence, transition and (rigid body) Fluid-Structure-Interaction (FSI) for the […]

New MarinReport number only on CFD and with lots of ReFRESCO…

The new MARIN magazine “MarinReport” has been published. This numbers goes only about CFD. And of course there is a lot on ReFRESCO: usage by external partners, application examples, verification and validation studies, and even an overview article on the past, present and the future of ReFRESCO. It is also interesting to read the (actual) […]

Phd opportunities with ReFRESCO at University of Southampton

MARIN and University of Southampton (Next Generation Computational Modelling Initiative) are sponsoring two PhD projects on overlapping-grids, unsteady flows for ships and offshore constructions. See the complete list at , and look for ReFRESCO. If you are an EU citizen and a good “CFD candidate” please apply directly in the website.

1st ReFRESCO-Operation informative meeting has happened…

During two half-days interested people on ReFRESCO-operation have come to MARIN, Wageningen, to listen about ReFRESCO code, applications for Ships and Offshore department, and ReFRESCO-operation details. 18 people of different Dutch companies have participated in this Informative meeting, which also included a hands-on on ReFRESCO and its tutorials, a visit to the HPC center at MARIN […] is live! has changed to The website of ReFRESCO, its users, developers and community is online. The intention of this site is to show the capabilities of ReFRESCO for each new version, provide updates on publications and articles about ReFRESCO, discuss use-cases, provide news and events around ReFRESCO and much more. Enjoy browsing! For any […]

Invitation ReFRESCO-operation informative meeting, April 14-15

Within the ReFRESCO-operation initiative, MARIN wants to share its state-of-the-art CFD code ReFRESCO with its customers. To inform you about the capabilities of ReFRESCO, and the further benefits of the co-operation, an informative meeting is scheduled for April 14-15. During this MARIN would like to discuss with its customers the possibilities of the ReFRESCO CFD […]