The coupled mass-momentum matrices and right-hand side vectors provided below correspond to the three cases described in:

These linear systems arise during the nonlinear iterative process of ReFRESCO and can be used to test various preconditioning techniques. The matrix consists of 4-by-4 blocks corresponding to the three velocity unknowns and the pressure unknown. Each block is a sparse N-by-N matrix, with N the number of cells. The matrices and right-hand side vectors are provided in Matlab’s binary .mat format and can be imported in matlab using load(‘file.mat’):

Laminar flow over a flat plate at Re=1E5

Number of cells: 4096
Matrix: fp_lam_4096_mat_A.mat
md5sum: 1e727d4578cf14213c7423f439b2e873
Right-hand side: fp_lam_4096_rhs_b.mat
md5sum: 0b9ec36a779e761fc4aac264d2c825d9


Turbulent flow over a flat plate at Re=1E7

Number of cells: 3200
Matrix: fp_turb_3200_mat_A.mat
md5sum: d167d66bcf2a6d9b564545d6d3c702bb
Right-hand side: fp_turb_3200_rhs_b.mat
md5sum: 4556221b9e04a78a866544741ff873a4


Number of cells: 12800
Matrix: fp_turb_12800_mat_A.mat
md5sum: de4ec0673a270e899d2bd609a4134dd6
Right-hand side: fp_turb_12800_rhs_b.mat
md5sum: 71ff32c81939cc643236d5192c8c53e0


Turbulent flow over a backward-facing step at Re=5E4 (ERCOFTAC Classic Collection, case C-30)

Number of cells: 9600
Matrix: bfs_turb_9600_mat_A.mat
md5sum: b5a748e56d4e42a8435c22a9753ecc56
Right-hand side: bfs_turb_9600_rhs_b.mat
md5sum: e80b8508eb844c14de5a71af72ec6420