A new year often also means a new version of ReFRESCO!

We worked hard last December (also the other previous 11 month) to release the version 2.4.0, bringing several improvements, new features and setting an important milestone for the future versions. The full list of the changes and issues solved are available here (MODS) and there (MITS), but here are some highlights of the new features and improvements available in this version.

New features

  • Equations of motion now also work together with deforming grids.
  • One can now use sol2refresco with cgns export in NFACE_n (general polyhedral) format (-e=exportNFACE_n option in refresco2cgns).
  • The solver now also writes the forces and moments converge history within a time-step, not only the value at the end of the time-step.
  • Wave relaxation zones using body-forces are now available. This improves the iterative convergence compared to the previous forcing zones.
  • The documentation of the controls file is now a html document instead of a pdf file (available here)
  • A new monitor “TotalYplus” is available for easier y+ monitoring when you have too many walls in your simulation. This avoids to give all the wall names, the monitor takes all walls by default!
  • Support for multi-body multi-motions: you can now define relationships between bodies and all motions will be inherited. Now you can have a ship moving, with a rotating azimuth thruster attached, with a propeller rotating it in, and everything should work!
  • New EARSM turbulence models.

Other improvements

  • The robustness of the solvers was improved.
  • Absolute residual field values are now written instead of signed ones.
  • You may now choose which equations should be checked in the general convergence criterion.
  • All convective flux discretisation was revised and active limiters can now be saved.
  • Many issues with adaptive grid refinement and coarsening have been tackled and the setup in the controls file was also revised for easier use.
  • Improved versions of HRIC and REFRICS for free-surface.
  • The input of the ShipWavePattern user-code was simplified and made more consistent with the rest of the code.

Along side ReFRESCO, we are also busy with the development of unified tools to make pre-processing and simulation monitoring easier for everyone (Aspect Tools). Two tools are now available, the first one is dedicated to the setup of controls file, with possibilities to generate batch series of simulation (Prepare). The second tool is dedicated to the monitoring of simulation (Monitor). More details about these new tools will follow in a dedicated article, but they can be already tested by all ReFRESCO users.

For people ready to step over, the installation packages are ready to be downloaded. The link is available on the MODS, in the installation section. A presentation of the new developments with some videos is also available for download on the same location. This new version also requires an updated license file, so get in touch with your support contact for this.

For people not yet part of our community, and eager to calculate with ReFRESCO, two ways to collaborate with us exists: ReFRESCO-Operation and ReFRESCO-ReSearch (click on the links for more information, and then e-mail us!).