This year, MARIN organised the 20th Numerical Towing Tank Symposium (, also known as “NuTTS conference”, in Wageningen, the Netherlands. This conference covers the numerical simulation of flows around ships and offshore structures, with a strong link to realistic applications. The objective of the event is to provide a forum for informal discussions among experts in the field and to disseminate latest results. Younger workers and Ph.D. students are especially encouraged to participate.  This year the participating group was large (see picture).

There were 7 papers presented where ReFRESCO has been used, from several different users: IST Lisbon (Portugal), TU-Delft (the Netherlands), Chalmers Gothenburg (Sweden), UDE Duisburg (Germany), DAMEN (the Netherlands) and MARIN (the Netherlands). It is worth to emphasize one of the papers by DAMEN (“Analysis of the reduction in resistance for a frigate type vessel with trim control options using CFD”, by Andrea Mikelic), where ReFRESCO was used to optimize a real stern of a ship, work and paper done solely by DAMEN workers, without the intervention of any ReFRESCO developers or MARIN expert users!

All ReFRESCO papers can be downloaded at . The complete proceedings of NuTTS can be found at