Several analytical and MMS have been used in the last years to verify ReFRESCO. These have been openly published in the literature by some ReFRESCO developers but also by other Institutions. Below one can see several examples of MS, and the needed files to perform code verification exercises, together with the associated relevant publication(s).

2D Steady Laminar Flow (work-in-progress)

2D Unsteady Laminar Flow(work-in-progress)

3D Steady Laminar Flow (work-in-progress)

3D Unsteady Laminar Flow (work-in-progress)

2D Steady Turbulent Flow (RANS turbulence models) (work-in-progress)


2D Two-phase Unsteady Flow

Conditions Two-phase (air-water) regular wave MS
FileType .mac (Maxima open-source symbolic manipulation code)