Not one but rather two workshops on V&V will be organized by IST/MARIN next year May 2017, in LasVegas, Nevada, USA,under the ASME V&V 20 Committee activities. MARIN and IST will be organizing it and also participating with results obtained with ReFRESCO.

While the first workshop deals with the influence of iterative error (and statistical error) on the solution of a simple 2D low-Reynolds flow around a smooth circular cylinder (, the second one deals with the estimation of discretization errors based on grid refinement studies. Two cases will be considered: 1) flow over a flat plate for Reynolds numbers of 107, 108 and 109; 2) flow around the NACA 0012 airfoil at Reynolds number of 6×106 and angles of attack of 0º, 4º and 10º. All test cases are statistically steady flows of an incompressible fluid that were simulated in several geometrically similar grid sets with three eddy-viscosity turbulence models: Spalart & Allmaras one-equation model; Shear-stress transport (SST) kw two-equation model and  two-equation model. The goal of this exercise is to check the consistency of the estimated error bars for different levels of grid refinement and/or different grids with the same number of cells and flow conditions. Furthermore, this exercise will also allow us to check the consistency of the estimates performed by different users applying the same method. Hopefully, such exercise will help us to identify the main difficulties in performing reliable error estimates based on grid refinement studies. For more info check the workshop website (